myMS | Personalized tool that allows me to track my MS at home
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Who should participate?

Individuals who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis may be eligible to participate if they are 18 years or older and have access to a smartphone and above. myMS™ is available in English only at this time.



Why participate in this study?

Research subjects interested in sharing information about their multiple sclerosis will help create a large community-based research database to answer the most challenging questions.

myMS™ will provide consolidated and personalized graphs that may benefit participating patients, their treating physicians, and other healthcare providers.

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How does myMS™ work?

Step 1:
Download myMS™, review and sign informed consent


Step 2:
Confirm Eligibility


Step 3:
Enter background Information and answer surveys about your MS


Step 4:
Assess your walking and cognitive functions using 6Mapp™ and COGapp™

myMS™ will remind you to repeat the surveys and the assessments every 3 month!

Learn more about 6Mapp™ and COGapp™

What is COGapp™

  1. A cognitive test built-in your smartphone
  2. A test that measures patient’s ability to link 6 digits with 6 symbols over 2 minutes

What is 6Mapp™

  1.  An outdoor test built-in your smartphone
  2. A test that tracks the total distance traveled in 6 minutes

Where Does My Data Go?

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